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In Havaning establish relationships of trust with our customers, we are committed to you for the sole purpose of providing the best deals and make your trip to Cuba unforgettable.

Our personalized, friendly service will provide a climate of trust, which will be very easy to move anything that might require to make your holiday or business trip go smoothly. Havaning staff always dump to provide a flexible and rapid response.

In Havaning believe that tourism experiences are built on the basis of personal illusions of every traveler, our job will be to listen and help you make good decisions about our accommodations and tours.

Confidence is a value hard to explain but easy to recognize when you’re dealing with personnel Havaning, always unique and help you find the best prices accommodation.
We believe in trust, closeness and differential treatment as a key priority values ​​and factors within the mission of our agency.

Gilberto Soriano Salazar


  1. EDWARD B SILVA says:

    I stayed in Cuba for a week, and rented Casa Luis…… Beautiful Casa and wonderful staff (Dalila is an Angel), I highly reccommend using Havaning for a pleasant and professional stay.

  2. Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones. Trato fantástico y la selección de casas muy buena.
    Equipo profesional al 100 x 100

  3. Ale Torrella says:

    Very nice site and staff.
    Site looks great, places to stay are amazing beautiful.

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