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Who we Are in Havaning Agency

Hello travelers!

We are Yanet and Gil, a couple of Cubans in love with Havana and we want to transmit at least a little bit of our passion for Cuba. That you know its charm firsthand and discover why it is a destination to which we are always eager to return.

I, Russian by birth, Havanan of heart and Madrilenian of adoption. The most beautiful memories of my childhood I lived between Topes de Collantes, in the mountains of Sancti Spiritus and Encrucijada, a small town of Villa Clara. At that stage there was a very difficult time in Cuba, the so-called Special Period, however as a child I did not realize the hardships and had fun bathing in the downpours, muddying my hair eating mangoes under the bushes, going to the river every afternoon with my cousins, making figures of animals in the shade of the oil lamp during the blackouts and reading for hours in the local library Russian stories about tsars and zarinas.

When I was eight, I returned to Havana. And again between two very different places I grew up: my house from Monday to Friday was in the center of Vedado, next to 23rd Street. On the seventh floor of a building of capitalist construction and with a huge balcony overlooking the sea and the Plaza de la Revolución that was the envy of all the neighbors. On weekends I lived with my father in La Güinera, probably the most marginal neighborhood of the city and that you will never find in any tourist guide, very close to Lenin Park in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality.

I arrived in Madrid at the age of 21 and since then I have lived here, happy about life because this city is fascinating. However the “land pulls”, and somehow I managed to escape to Cuba for at least one month each year. On one of those summer vacations I met Gil in Havana. Thanks to our common fondness for photography we spent a lot of time together during that trip and soon after love arose.

Accompanied only by our cameras, we traveled through Cuba in search of breathtaking landscapes, of the most impressive sunsets, humble villages and endless beaches. We find them. Everybody.

Each of those places marked a part of our personality and our character and we are sure that the same will happen to you on your trip with the places you visit. Each one has its charm, a Je ne seis quoi that makes it special. But even more than the place, it is the people who make a place make a difference because they make you live unique experiences. The adventures and stories you experience with the people who accompany you on your trip, and with those you meet along the way, are the memories you will get and what really goes on.

Cuba is a charming country that you have to live. Even if your visit is a few days you will experience that roller coaster of emotions unleashed by the Cuban’s own charism, his hospitality and of course, his parsimony. Sometimes you will be full, others frustrated, others in love. But I assure you that always, always, always, it’s worth it.

Yanet Sarmiento