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What to visit in Cuba – Cienfuegos


With its stock market bay, this wonderful city was popular with French settlers who settled in Cuba since 1819.

The spacious streets of the city of Cienfuegos offer an alternative to the small-scale chaos of other Cuban capitals, this magnificent city retains an immaculate and ancient air, with horse-drawn carriages and which remain the main means of transport.

The city of Cienfuegos is designed to walk and absorb the daily life of the province. The Paseo del Prado in Cienfuegos is considered the longest street in Cuba. The José Martí Park and the main square are the ideal place to admire the beautiful Cathedral of the Purísma Concepción and the Tomás Terry Theater.

What to do in Cienfuegos

The first thing that draws attention when arriving in Cienfuegos is the extreme cleanliness of its streets, Cienfuegos is a fantastic city that surrounds a part of the immense bay and that looks like an immense sea delimited by its narrow entrance that in times of the Spanish colonization with only to extend a large chain between the two fortified banks was enough to prevent any enemy ship from entering.

Today these fortifications are intact, the Fortress of Our Lady of Los Angeles de Jagua, by boats that leave from the town of Punta Gorda and that in only 20 minutes take you to the other end of the bay, it is an excursion It is beautiful as it borders small towns and allows to know a small island next to the great fortress.

During this wonderful excursion in Cienfuegos, you can stay a few hours in a small riverside village, such as Castillo de Jagua, where there are restaurants to taste dishes of the region in the shade of some beautiful tropical tree by the calm sea of ​​the bay.

The City of Cienfuegos also has a large central promenade whose last two kilometers go into a peninsula called “Punta Gorda”, a wonder of nature, where right at the end there is an incredibly beautiful restaurant, located in a palace of Arab architecture and exquisite beauty, The Palace of the Valley.

In the Boullevar is another of the wonderful walks of the city that also culminates in the great central square and where every day cultural activities are carried out.

Cienfuegos is the second most important port of Cuba after Havana, the city is known as the Pearl of the South.

Suggested itineraries in Cuba

For your first visit to Cuba, we recommend a vacation that includes Havana, Viñales, Trinidad and Varadero. This base itinerary can be adapted to your exact specifications by one of our specialists to match your interests, time and budget.