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What to visit in Cuba – Havana


A simply sensational city where the rhythm of the music and the appeal of its history looms in every corner. A city known for its passion, love for music and the exotic repertoire of dance; no place captures the essence of Cuba better than its vibrant capital. The urban landscape is defined by the rich colonial past of the country, with evident remains throughout the city, especially in the Old Havana neighborhood (World Heritage).

Spend your days walking through its charming streets, contemplating neoclassical architecture, exquisite statues and impressive centenary buildings, and at the moment of rest, you can toast with a mojito in one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite places.

What to see in Havana

The diverse architecture of Havana is the product of its varied history and includes fortifications from the 16th century, splendid art deco theaters and Soviet-style structures: simply walking through the streets of the city offers a broad view of the history of Cuba. More than half a century of communist government gave the city some dramatic transformations in large public buildings, with presidential palaces turned into museums and buildings like the Capitol that have served as public libraries. Be sure to visit one of these sites to take a look at the glamor that characterized Cuba before the revolution.

An undeniably romantic city, there are many places you will not want to miss. Seeing the sunset from the Malecón is an experience par excellence in Havana, followed by street musicians who play Cuban classics guitar in hand. The historic squares of the city, Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas and Plaza de San Francisco de Asis, are excellent places to observe people.

The vibrant cultural scene of Havana is a highlight for many visitors to the capital. You can see a first-rate ballet show, a famous cabaret from the 1940s, Afro-Cuban street performances or simply salsa all night daiquiri in hand. Soon he will realize that music and dance are a constant in Havana, as omnipresent as the memories of Che Guevara and American classic cars.

Where to stay in Havana

Like most capital cities, Havana offers visitors a wide and varied range of accommodation. However, as Cuba becomes an increasingly popular holiday destination, Havana is struggling to cope with the demand. We always recommend that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

For a more authentic experience and personalized service, we recommend staying in a private home in Havana. Since these private guest houses were legalized in Cuba, Havaning has been a pioneer in offering them as a lodging option. Today, we have one of the best selections of private homes in Havana.

How long I have to stay in Havana

To feel the music, history and vitality of Havana, we recommend a minimum stay of three nights, preferably in a villa, chalet or private home.

Havana has better transport links than any other city in Cuba, making it an excellent base to explore other parts of the country, including the beautiful landscapes of Viñales, Soroa and Las Terrazas west of Havana, the history of the Bay from Cochinos, Cienfuegos and Trinidad or the white sand beaches of Varadero just over two hours east of Havana.

How to get to Havana

In addition to being an unmissable destination, Havana has the largest and best equipped airport in Cuba, so we recommend starting your vacation there. Many customers choose to move from the airport to their accommodation in Havana in a classic American car: a stylish arrival.

By continuing your trip to Cuba, you can choose between coaches, car rentals, private drivers and guides and taxis to any city or town on the island.

If you are interested in a holiday without a driver, we recommend that you do not pick up your car until after leaving Havana. Taxis are relatively cheap and much of the old city is pedestrianized. If you are staying in Old Havana, you will be within walking distance of most tourist attractions anyway.

Where to eat in Havana

The neighborhoods of Old Havana and Centro Habana house more than 100 restaurants. Many of these are part of the flourishing scene of private restaurants (paladares in Cuba) where a fantastic gastronomic innovation is taking place.

Nightlife in Havana

Havana has been famous for its vibrant nightlife, loaded with world class music and rum. While the famous casinos that distinguished themselves in the 1950s are no longer on the scene, Havana is still a city that can be enjoyed until very late.

For a more relaxed night, enjoy a pleasant walk along the promenade of Avenida del Puerto. It is ideal for romantic evenings, anyone who enjoys Cuban music and a relaxed atmosphere, should spend a night exploring this leafy promenade.

Things to do in Havana

Havana has a busy calendar of cultural events, including art exhibitions, concerts, museum programs, dance shows and theater shows. The most well-known international events include the International Ballet Festival, the International Latin American Film Festival, the Havana Biennial, the International Book Fair, Jazz Plaza and JoJazz Festival and the Cubadisco Fair, among many others.

We recommend visiting the rich offer of museums in Havana to get introduced to the history and culture of Cuba. The streets of the historic city center host more than 50 museums and cultural institutions.

If you are overwhelmed by all the options just tell us what your interests are and we will provide you with recommendations and quality advice.

Suggested itineraries in Cuba

For your first visit to Cuba, we recommend a vacation that includes Havana, Viñales, Trinidad and Varadero. This base itinerary can be adapted to your exact specifications by one of our specialists to match your interests, time and budget.