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What to visit in Cuba – Trinidad


Frequently described as a “living museum”, Trinidad is one of the best preserved colonial cities in the Caribbean. Its rich historical and architectural offer earned the city the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

The city of Trinidad was built on sugar trading fortunes accumulated during the 19th century, its past wealth evidenced by the extensive plazas, grandiose churches and stately mansions that dot the center. Despite centuries of turbulence and the loss of these riches, visiting Trinidad in Cuba feels like being in 1850.

Beautiful gardens, colorful buildings and cobbled streets combine to make incredible charm with photo opportunities on every corner. There are a number of excellent natural attractions in the area, perfect for day trips and a magnificent live music scene for nightly entertainment.

What to do in Trinidad

The streets of Trinidad are paved with boulders that come from Spanish rivers, because in Cuba there are no stones of this nature. The great ships and Spanish galleons transported them in their keels to counterbalance the immense sails. The stones were left in Cuba and instead gold and silver from the Colonies was loaded.

Trinidad was the third Villa that the Spaniards founded in Cuba. The Villa prospered quickly because of the bonanza of the land very suitable for the cultivation of sugarcane, and it is the best preserved colonial city in America.

In Trinidad there are magnificent restaurants, terraces with shows, the House of Music, sites that are a must.

In the vicinity you can find El Valle de los Ingenios, which you should not miss. The “mills” are the old sugar cane harvesting machines, the valley can be seen from a large tower that is of an impressive beauty.

On the coast, very close to Trinidad, there is a beautiful beach very famous “Playa Ancón”

For your visits, the owners of the private houses that we recommend in Trinidad will advise you and look for the fastest, cheapest and safest way to travel. Remember that taxis are very cheap and usually only charge for the journey, not for the waiting time.

Suggested itineraries in Cuba

Visitors for the first time confuse this Caribbean island as an exclusive destination for the beach, reserving their entire stay in a resort in Varadero. As the British travel journalist Fred Mawer (The Telegraph) puts it: The most fascinating country in the Caribbean: an intoxicating mix of discolored Spanish colonial cities, showing Cadillacs of the fifties, wonderful live music, world-class cigars and a Archaic Communist … With so much to enjoy in Cuba, you may regret staying in an all-inclusive hotel for your entire trip. – Fred Mawer, The Telegraph, Travel Destinations, Cuba.

Cuba offers visitors a lot of history, culture and natural beauty, which are best appreciated in a mix, like a Cuban cocktail. That is why we always recommend that our clients, at least those who visit for the first time, combine their time on the beach with a stay in the capital. Most of our itineraries are designed to offer customers the best of both worlds, offering a few days in the city (for music, dance, architecture and history) followed by a relaxing season on the splendid beaches of Varadero or Cayo Santa María. Depending on your vacation style, we recommend combining your stay in Trinidad with time in Havana and Varadero.