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Terms and Conditions Car Rental

Please read carefully, before continuing, the conditions presented below. By expressing your agreement to these terms, it will mean that you read and understood all the terms and conditions relating to the policies formulated.

Your credit card will be debited after making your reservation for the amount indicated at the time of reservation. The charge will be made in Euros to benefit ALL YOU CAN TRAVEL SL



Currently in car rental in Cuba there is more demand than the real offer that exists and even when the agency has real and proven availability of the borrowers; in some cases they usually fail to meet the agreed terms and conditions.

Faced with this situation, our representatives are available at the destination to accompany and mediate between our client and the carrier.


The rental offices operate only from 9 am to 6 pm except those located at airports, in Havana at the Vedado offices located on Calle 3ra and Paseo as well as at the Beach office located at the Hotel Neptuno. Please keep this information in mind when making your reservation.

The rental point at which your rent will be confirmed is subject to the carrier’s availability. In case of deferring with the one you reserved, you will be notified in a timely manner, if you do not agree, you can cancel your reservation without expenses provided you do so within 48 hours of receiving the information.


  • Car rental
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Insurance included.


  • Security deposit: 150-200 CUC economic category and medium category / 250 CUC medium-high category
  • Payment of the deposit full of fuel in advance
  • Supplement of approximately 20 CUC for confirmed reservations in international airports
  • Additional driver’s supplement according to details specified later
  • Supplement of delivery in different office according to details specified later.



The information of the arrival flight is necessary to formalize the rent.

The main driver can not be modified 72 hours before the execution of the service, nor at the point of rent.

To pick up the car

When picking up the car you must present to the officials of the rental office:

The confirmation voucher.
Driver’s license valid for all drivers (driving licenses must be valid throughout the rental period and must be over one year old)
Credit card or cash for insurance and deposit
If not, the service will not be executed and it will be considered a No Show

Categories of cars

Companies only confirm categories and not specific models of cars.

Payments and Cancellations

Payments will be made in advance. Your credit card will be debited within 24 hours after the reservation is made. The charge will be in Euros. The rates of the cars ONLY include the rental service, do NOT include the amount that must be paid directly in the rental office for insurance, except for offers that include insurance and that will be written in the voucher. They DO NOT include taxes, charge services or any other additional fee such as:

Return rate
Additional driver

which must be paid directly at the rental office. The guarantee deposit is not included in the price and varies according to the model and category of the car. This deposit will be refunded at the time of delivery of the car.

Once the reservation is paid, the following cancellation policy will apply:

  • Cancellation of the reservation 7 days before the date of arrival indicated, you will be reimbursed the entire amount paid for the reservation, less a charge of 25.00 Euros, for administration fees.
  • Cancellation of the reservation within a period of between 7 days and 72 hours before the arrival date, you will receive the amount of the reservation less the price of two days of lease, for not showing up on the date indicated.
  • Cancellation of the reservation after 72 hours before the date of your arrival and no presentation, you will receive the amount of the reservation minus the price of three days of lease, for not showing up on the date indicated.
  • Refunds will be charged to your credit card within 72 hours after receiving the cancellation.

Payment Conditions

Havaning Real Estate accepts online payments with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard.

Payments for services offered in Cuba, for insurance, parking, gasoline, security deposit, return fee and additional driver will be made only in Convertible Pesos and will be paid directly at the rental office. Currency exchange services are offered in airports, hotels, banks and Currency Exchange Houses (CADECAS).

In case of traveling with US dollars, the client will have to pay a tax of 10% at the time of the change. Other currencies, such as euros, pounds sterling, Canadian dollars or Swiss francs, may be exchanged at the exchange rate in effect at the time of the change.


The car will be delivered with a full fuel tank and the customer must pay in advance the value of the fuel. If the gas tank is not full when you pick up the car, you will receive instructions from the rental agency staff on how to act. Fuel costs must be paid locally at CUC always using special gasoline or diesel as appropriate. The customer must return the car with the deposit as empty as possible, since the car rental company will not refund any money for the remaining fuel.

Aditional driver

Additional drivers will be included in the contract at the time of delivery of the car, with an additional charge to pay directly at the car rental company, specifying the number of their driver’s license (valid) and the passport number. The insurance (Vehicle Collision Damage) will not cover the damages caused by the additional driver if these requirements are not met, even if he had a valid driving license.

Additional equipment

We offer seats for children. To guarantee the availability of a child seat, you must request it at the time of reservation.

Return rate

The leasing companies will apply extra charges for the return of the vehicle in a different place from where the rent began. The fare will depend on the distance between the cities.


There are two types of sales: with and without insurance.

The CDW insurance (against damages due to the collision of the car) reduces the responsibility of the client in case of accident, provided that he has not violated any of the clauses of the contract, signed at the time of renting the car.

Driving license

The client will present to the lessor, a valid driving license, issued at least 6 months before the time of signing the contract. In case the driver’s license, issued in the country of origin of the client, is not written in English or Spanish, the client must present an international driving license.

Airport Fee

All reservations confirmed at international airports will have a charge of 20.00 CUC, which will be paid at the time of the opening of the car rental contract.

Minimum age

The landlord requires the customer to meet the age requirements to rent a vehicle:

21 years: Skoda Fabia, Audi A3, A4, A6, VW Sharan and others (and a minimum of 3 years of experience).
30 years: Audi A4 cabriolet & Audi TT.
Return of the vehicle

The customer will return the car on the agreed date and time at the time of delivery of the car. In case of a change, the client will notify the landlord and request its approval before making the change.
In addition, the car will be returned in the same conditions in which it was leased. If this is not the case, the lessor will charge the client for the concept of self-risk, as agreed in the lease agreement.