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Where to stay in Havana

If you have doubts about Where to Stay in Havana, in Havaning we will help you!. Havana, recently proclaimed a city wonder of the world, is one of the most beautiful cities you can meet.

Old Havana is the oldest area of ​​Havana and is characterized by having a set of old squares and picturesque streets of colonial style, each street in Havana keeps a piece of history and life with great contrasts that have turned the capital of Cuba in Wonderland of the modern world.

It is undoubtedly the most charming part of Havana and you will surely fall in love with the accommodations in Old Havana.

The Paseo Del Prado is one of the most beautiful and famous streets of Havana. Located in Old Havana and built in 1772, it had several names including Alameda de Extramuros or Isabel II until it was called Paseo de Martí, in honor of José Martí, after the end of the Spanish colonial regime. It has eight statues of bronze lions, which “guard” the walk and a wooded park, in the center, which divides the roads located on each side and allows citizens to enjoy walking, protected from the intense sun. At the beginning of this street and overlooking the sea, you will find one of the best accommodations in Havana, the Apartment Prado

Staying in Vedado

El Vedado is the most modern and central part of the Cuban capital. If Old Havana keeps the spirit of the colonial era, Vedado represents the Cuba of the closest present. This district of the Plaza de la Revolución municipality hoards both monumental houses of the emerging bourgeoisie of the early twentieth century, as modern buildings more contemporary. The theaters and cinemas with the freshest billboard, the bars and restaurants of the moment, make the Vedado the perfect center of the lively nightlife of the city. Here, young people from all over the country come together to study at the main university in the country and many of the government institutions are located on their premises.

It is the residential area par excellence of Havana, a large area where you will find the largest and best selection of accommodations in Havana, cut from east to west by several avenues, one of them is 23rd street, known in the 50s as The habanero brodway, in its final stretch, is known as La and goes from the sea to the Habana Libre Hotel.

The Vedado has all along the Malecon Havana, so it has a wonderful selection of Apartments and Private Houses overlooking the sea.

Staying in Miramar

Further west, the city continues along the sea, cut by the Almendares River, it reaches an extensive residential area of beautiful houses and luxurious mansions, with few tall buildings, ideal for those seeking tranquility. If you want to stay in a house with a pool in Havana, this is the area you are looking for.

Miramar usually attracts business travelers from all over the world to attend the various events that take place throughout the year in this area. Throughout the 5th Avenue you can see the best accommodations in Havana, spectacular luxury homes with private pools, as well as the most modern hotels in the Cuban capital.

When facing the coast and full of hotels and luxurious facilities, it is not surprising that some of the best spas, social clubs and yacht clubs in the island are located here. So the Miramar area will never be discarded for your trip to Cuba.